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5 Stars "Cost Rates Advisor gives us a clear picture of our costs and supports our pricing strategy. It's a key component for continuing our growth and profits."
- Larry Onsted, CFO

Cost Rates Advisor Premium Edition

$588.00 Yearly Payments. ($49/month) Cancel anytime.
or $65.00 Monthly Payments. Cancel Anytime.
(Save $192 when paying yearly!) cloud-based cost analysis and budgeting software designed to help printing and packaging businesses maximize sales and profits.

- Analyzes your organization's financials, labor, factory, overhead, and other costs.
- Calculates the budgeted hourly rates for unlimited cost centers, equipment, and services.
- Costs and rates are itemized to support your estimating, costing, and MIS software.
- Shows what you must charge to break even and if your budget is on target to make a profit.
- Identifies your "TRUE" break-even, out-of-pocket costs.
- Includes a real live industry expert consultant for help with set up and implementation.
- Benchmark your labor, factory, and overhead costs and rates against other organizations.
- Join hundreds of other printing and packaging organizations.
- You can cancel at anytime, for any reason.