Business management consultants specializing in the printing & packaging industry since 1993.

Profectus Inc.

Specializing in the printing and packaging industry.

Profectus provides products and consulting solutions designed to help printing and packaging organizations increase sales, grow the business, and improve overall financial performance.

Profectus has helped hundreds of printing and packaging organizations improve all areas of the business including sales, estimating, pricing, customer service, order entry, inventory, costing, invoicing, accounting, software, and technology.

Over 30 years of firsthand exposure to hundreds of printing and packaging organizations and situations gives us the insight to quickly see into a situation and produce solutions for even the most challenging situations.

Maximize Sales and Profits
Expert help that spans the entire organization.
Companies typically hire Profectus to solve a specific problem or problem area. Our consultants work with your staff to learn, understand, and accurately assess your situation, identify your company's strengths and weaknesses, and provide recommendations based on your organizations' unique situation.
Our recommendations are backed by first hand exposure to hundreds of printing organizations and situations, and our extensive industry experience in management, operations, production, technologies, and systems.
Estimating and Pricing Practices.
Sound estimating and pricing practices are essential to the success of all printing organizations. An estimate that accurately reflects actual costs plays a key role in making intelligent pricing decisions and determining your bottom line. The speed in which you can provide your customers with a price quote reflects your organization's ability to provide prompt service. An estimate is also critical for forecasting materials requirements, labor and equipment resources, production schedules, and costs..

Profectus' expert consultants can improve the competitiveness and profitability of your organization by enhancing the accuracy of your estimates, speeding up your price quote turnaround, smoothing out your workflow, and showing you how to get more estimates done in less time.
Order Entry and Customer Service Practices.
Profectus order entry practices consulting services improves the efficiency, accuracy, throughput, customer relationships, and cost effectiveness your order process; from customer through your entire order entry.

The consultants can assess your order processess and forms such as job tickets, production instructions, finished goods releases, management of customer changes (AA's), scheduling and tracking orders, the utilization of information technology, communicating with customers, and other related activities.
Cost Accounting & Shop Data Collection Practices.
In the era of increasingly thin margins, fast and effective management of pricing policies is critical to your ability to prosper in your marketplace. The problem is trying to maintain a cost structure that reflects your current costs and productivity is often a tedious and overwhelming task.

Profectus offers an easy way to prepare your budgeted hourly cost rates. Our Budgeted Hourly Cost Rates software simplifies the task of calculating budgeted hourly cost rates for your equipment. Cost Rates Advisor is easy to use, "Cloud" software designed for the printing and packaging industry. It was developed based on proven cost accounting principles, best practices, and standards used by industry leaders and experts. Click Here To Learn More
Billing, Invoicing, & Accounts Receivables Practices.
Sending timely and accurate invoices to customers is a critical step in your order-to-cash cycle. Though many organizations face costly challenges including time-consuming and error-prone invoicing procedures, missing billable charges, over 1-2 days to send out invoices, and end-of-month bottlenecks.

Profectus' consultants have the expertise to help companies identify these inefficiencies and implement best practices for reducing, streamlining, and managing your billing, invoicing, and accounts receivables process.
Purchasing, Inventory, & AP Practices Practices.
Poor purchasing, inventory control management, and accounts payables practices will cause many unforeseen and unnecessary costs to an organization. Profectus' consultants have the expertise to help companies identify these inefficiencies and implement best practices for reducing, streamlining, and managing inventory.

Profectus' consultants improve the efficiency, accuracy, throughput, and cost effectiveness your purchasing, inventory management, and accounts payable practices.

Our consultants work with your staff to learn, understand, and accurately assess your purchasing, inventory, and accounts payables practices.
ERP / Management Information Systems Consulting Services.
Information technology is a critical ingredient for maintaining a competitive and successful printing business. The risks are higher than ever. Profectus knows how to help printing organizations maximize the value of their IT investment.

Our consultants have a thorough understanding of business and production management information systems, web-to-print software, and technology from 30-years of helping companies evaluate and purchase systems, watching product demonstrations, attending training classes, implementations, reading product documentation, and participating in user groups and industry meetings. We know how to apply technology to printing businesses.

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Improve Your Order-To-Cash Cycle.

To be prosperous in today's environment, printing organizations must constantly look for better ways to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. To sustain competitiveness, companies continuously update their business practices, processes, and technology. Over time, even the most well-conceived business practices become obsolete, inefficient, and unresponsive to the changing needs and priorities of the company and customers. These inefficiencies often create other problems: hampered workflow, production delays, reduced efficiency, and excessive labor costs.

Profectus can smooth out your business and operations with an analysis of your organization and recommendations for maximizing your profitability. Our analysis covers sales & marketing, estimating, pricing, customer service, order entry, production, scheduling, shipping, purchasing, inventory, accounting, costing, management information systems, and other areas of your business.

Profectus focuses on the administrative components of your Order-To-Cash Cycle including on sales, estimating, customer services, order entry, purchasing, invoicing, and other office areas. These administrative costs represent approximately 32% of an organization's value added. Our recommendations eliminate office wastes, increases efficiencies, reduces overhead costs, improves workflow, enhances your ability to meet customer demands, improves your competitiveness, and boosts profitability.
Order-To-Cash Cycle

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Business management consultants specializing in the printing & packaging industry since 1993.
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