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With todayís volatile economy, printing organizations must be armed with the best possible information and tools to sustain the business and support future growth. Profectusí printing industry financial ratios and best practices analysis tool is one of them. evaluates your financial statement, balance sheet, and other information and provides insight into your firmís overall health. It analyzes and benchmarks your financials against other printing and packaging organizations and industry profit leaders. Over 100 quantitative industry specific ratios and benchmarks measure your firm's liquidity, operations, efficiency, solvency, profitability, business practices, and other key performance metrics.

Report On Operations Summary provides a clear picture into your ratios and benchmarks with calculation methods, tables, graphs, diagrams, summaries, detail explanations, and recommended strategies for improvements.

check Over 100 industry specific ratios and benchmarks.
check Simply enter your income statement and balance sheet.
check Performs an in-depth analysis of your organizationís health.
check Benchmarks your organization to others and profit leaders.
check Pinpoints your organizationís strengths and weaknesses.
check Provides industry advice for improving your organization.
check Enter, analyze, and compare ratios for multiple years.
check Your information is secure, protected, and confidential.
check Helps to establish credit with suppliers, securing loans, or pursuing investors.
check Provides the data necessary to support management incentives.

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Financial Ratios
Broaden or narrow down your comparisons
  • Type of companies
  • Geographic region
  • Net sales
  • Accounts Payables Practices
  • Market Segment
  • Production processes or equipment
Financial Ratios
Income Statement Ratios
  • Percentage of Sales and Value Added
  • Paper and Substrates
  • Click Charges
  • Outside Services
  • Factory Wages and Expenses
  • Gross Profit
  • Sales Wage and Commissions
  • Selling Expenses Ratio
  • General & Administrative Wages and Expenses
  • Interest Expense
  • Net Profit (Loss) Before Income Taxes
Financial Ratios
Balance Sheet Ratios
  • Current Assets
  • Current Cash
  • Current Accounts Receivable
  • Current Inventory
  • Fixed Assets
  • Factory Machinery Fixed Assets
Financial Ratios
Liquidity & Activity Ratios
  • Current Working Capital Ratio
  • Quick Acid Test Ratio
  • Cash Asset Ratio
  • Days Cash For Operating Expenses
  • Days Sales Outstanding Collections
  • Return on Net Assets (RONA) Ratio
  • Inventory Turnover Ratio
  • Number of Days of Inventory Ratio
  • Assets Turnover Ratio
Financial Ratios
Employee Ratios
  • Percentage of Factory Employees
  • Percentage of Administrative Employees
  • Percentage of Sales Employees
  • Sales per Employee
  • Sales per Factory Employee
  • Payroll per Factory Employee
  • Payroll per Administrative Employee
  • Payroll per Sales Employee
Financial Ratios
Operations Benchmarks
  • Estimates Per Estimating Employee
  • Estimate Win / Loss Rate
  • Orders Per Order Entry Employee
  • Orders Created via a Web Storefront
  • Spoilage Costs as a Percentage of Sales
  • Spoilage Costs as a Percentage of Value Added
  • Spoilage Costs as a Percentage of Factory Expenses
  • Training Costs as a Percentage of Sales
  • Training Costs as a Percentage of Value Added
  • Employee Training Cost per Employee
Financial Ratios
Purchasing & Accounts Payables Practices
  • Purchasing Practices
  • Inventory Management Practices
  • Accounts Payables Practices
  • Vendor Payments Practices
Financial Ratios
Invoicing & Accounts Receivables Practices
  • Job Costing Practices
  • Invoicing Practices
  • Accounts Receivables Practices
  • Vendor Payments Practices
Financial Ratios
Compare Changes Between Periods
  • Enter financial information for multiple periods
  • Identify yearly performance trends
  • Predict the direction of future performance
  • Proactively recognize and correct issues

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