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Printing Industry Financial Ratios Studies & Reports

Benchmark your financials against hundreds of other firms & the profit leaders! improves your organization's financial and operational effectiveness...
  • Evaluates your financial statements, balance sheets, and other information
  • Benchmarks your financials against hundreds of other printing and packaging organizations and the profit leaders.
  • Provides instant feedback on your firm’s financial health using over 100 key printing and packaging industry ratios & benchmarks.
  • Articulates your performance in a clear and understandable way using an effectiveness score and graphs, highlighting your strengths, and providing recommendations for improving shortcomings.
  • Select the criteria of the companies that you wish to benchmark against.
  • Helps your organization establish credit lines, secure loans, and pursue investors.
  • Advanced security keeps your data safe, secure, and confidential.
Get instant feedback on your firm's financial health using industry ratios!
Report On Operations Summary
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Compare your firm against hundreds of others and the profit leaders!
Income Statement Ratios
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Rate your firm's financial health with key industry ratios & benchmarks!

Many business owners look at gross sales or net income on a regular basis, but those figures can only tell you so much. helps you read between the lines, providing insight into virtually every financial aspect of your business. Just enter your financial statement, balance sheet, and other information into our easy online forms and you will instantly receive a detailed analysis and recommendations using key industry ratios and benchmarks.

Financial Ratios
Income Statement Ratios
  • Percentage of Sales and Value Added
  • Paper and Substrates
  • Click Charges
  • Outside Services
  • Factory Wages and Expenses
  • Gross Profit
  • Sales Wage and Commissions
  • Selling Expenses Ratio
  • General & Administrative Wages and Expenses
  • Interest Expense
  • Net Profit (Loss) Before Income Taxes
Financial Ratios
Balance Sheet Ratios
  • Current Assets
  • Current Cash
  • Current Accounts Receivable
  • Current Inventory
  • Fixed Assets
  • Factory Machinery Fixed Assets
Financial Ratios
Liquidity & Activity Ratios
  • Current Working Capital Ratio
  • Quick Acid Test Ratio
  • Cash Asset Ratio
  • Days Cash For Operating Expenses
  • Days Sales Outstanding Collections
  • Return on Net Assets (RONA) Ratio
  • Inventory Turnover Ratio
  • Number of Days of Inventory Ratio
  • Assets Turnover Ratio
Financial Ratios
Employee Ratios
  • Percentage of Factory Employees
  • Percentage of Administrative Employees
  • Percentage of Sales Employees
  • Sales per Employee
  • Sales per Factory Employee
  • Payroll per Factory Employee
  • Payroll per Administrative Employee
  • Payroll per Sales Employee
Financial Ratios
Operations Benchmarks
  • Estimates Per Estimating Employee
  • Estimate Win / Loss Rate
  • Orders Per Order Entry Employee
  • Orders Created via a Web Storefront
  • Spoilage Costs as a Percentage of Sales
  • Spoilage Costs as a Percentage of Value Added
  • Spoilage Costs as a Percentage of Factory Expenses
  • Training Costs as a Percentage of Sales
  • Training Costs as a Percentage of Value Added
  • Employee Training Cost per Employee
Financial Ratios
Purchasing & Accounts Payables Practices
  • Purchasing Practices
  • Inventory Management Practices
  • Accounts Payables Practices
  • Vendor Payments Practices
Financial Ratios
Invoicing & Accounts Receivables Practices
  • Job Costing Practices
  • Invoicing Practices
  • Accounts Receivables Practices
  • Vendor Payments Practices
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Select the criteria of the companies that you wish to benchmark against.
You can broaden or narrow down the list of participants you want to compare your ratios with. Compare yourself to other commercial printers, quick printers, label printers, companies with web offset presses, companies in your region, and many other possibilities.
  • By type of company
  • By geographic region
  • By sales volume
  • By business type
  • By market segment
  • By production processes or equipment
Geographic region
Ratios Reports

Ratios Reports
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Gain insight into your balance sheet ratios.

Balance Sheet Ratios
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Compare your financial ratios across multiple years.

Financial Performance Across Multiple Years
Benchmark's your firm’s liquidity & activity ratios.

Liquidity ratios show your company’s ability to turn assets into cash quickly. While activity ratios show how efficiently your company is leveraging the assets to generate revenues and cash.

Liquidity & Activity Ratios
Get detailed recommendations for improving your business.

You receive a detailed explanation of each ratio including:
Fast and easy to use Fast and easy to use
Fast and easy to use

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Fast and easy to use Benchmark Your Labor Force
One of the most analytical and manageable areas of the ratios are those computed in the employee profile section. Employee ratios offer the best common denominator that can be easily managed to produce higher profits.
Employee Benchmarks
Implement Industry Best Practices benchmarks your business practices against industry accepted best practices. Best business practices are techniques, methods, processes, procedures, or systems that have proven successful by industry leaders and experts. Embracing best practices will help your organization reduce costs and become more efficient in administrative processes, ultimately leading to higher profit margins.
Employee Benchmarks

Secure, Protected, and Confidential.
  • Profectus takes data security and the privacy of your information very seriously.
  • Financial Ratios Advisor is built with industry-standard security practices and employs strict policies to protect your data.
  • Your information is held in strict confidentiality and is protected and secure using the highest levels of security.
  • Password Strength Standards are used as a first line of defense against unauthorized access to your account.
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For decades, the Financial Ratios program has been a trusted resource for the industry. By analyzing data from hundreds of printing and related graphic arts firms, this program has consistently helped organizations nationwide boost their bottom line and identify operational inefficiencies.
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Liberty Creative Solutions
Strategic Factory
5 Stars
Provide a clear picture of our financial performance.

5 / 5 stars
The financial ratios provide a clear picture of our company's financial performance.

5 Stars
Benchmarks our performance against industry profit leaders.

5 / 5 stars
The financial ratios help our management and shareholders benchmark our company's performance against similar companies and the industry profit leaders.
4 Stars
Proactively predict our future performance.

4 / 5 stars
The ratios allow us to predict the future performance of our company so we can proactively make improvement adjustments.

4.8 Stars
Assess the strength of our company.

4.8 / 5 stars
The income statement, balance sheet and cash flow ratios provide vital information about the strengths of our company, and where we need to make improvements, before its too late.
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