Business management consultants specializing in the printing & packaging industry since 1993.

Sometimes all you need is an outsider's perspective.

Profectus offers a range of products and consulting services designed to help printing and packaging organizations grow profits by improving business processes, managing budgets and costs, applying sound pricing and sales strategies, and increasing the efficiency of the operation.

Our solutions span the entire organization, from front office to back-end operations including sales, estimating, pricing, customer service, order entry, inventory, production, costing, invoicing, accounting, management information systems, and technology.

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30 Years Of Case Based Knowledge

The challenge for most printing organizations is that the ability to solve problems or improve the business is limited to the education and experience of its personnel and management. Companies can overcome this limitation by retaining a consultancy like Profectus, with a diversified case knowledgebase.

Case-based knowledge is becoming an increasingly imperative success factor for printing businesses. The idea is to solve new problems by implementing previous solutions to similar problems. The greater the knowledgebase, the more efficient and effective the problem resolution process.

Our consultants have extensive case knowledge base from years of exposure to hundreds of printing businesses & situations. We have contributed to the success of hundreds of printing and packaging industry organizations throughout North America. This wealth of knowledge perpetually grows with each new client and assignment. Giving us the insight to quickly see into a situation and produce solutions for even the most challenging situations.

Craig L. Press
President, Founder

Craig L. Press is the owner and a senior consultant of Profectus Inc. He has over 40 years of experience in all areas of the printing and packaging industry including sales, pricing, estimating, order entry, customer service, plant production, cost accounting, inventory control, purchasing, accounting, and technology.

He has contributed to the success of hundreds of printing industry organizations throughout North America ranging in size from 10 employees to 3,000 employees representing every segment of the industry including commercial printers, print-on-demand digital printers, in-plant operations, packaging converters, flexographic packaging, folding carton printers, label printers, publication printers, book printers, screen printers, sign printers, large format printers, pre-press trade, bindery trade, business forms printers, management software suppliers, and industry associations.

Drive out inefficiencies...

"We hired Profectus to assist us in streamlining our workflow to fit in with the implementation of our new ERP system. They were able to provide us much insight and helped us to drive out many inefficiencies throughout this entire process. We could have never realized the same success without their assistance."

Gene, Operations Manager
Outlook Group,Neenah, WI
640 employees, 3 locations
Flexography, Sheetfed, Digital, Commercial, Packaging, Labels

Definition of "Profectus"

Our company name "Profectus" was derived from the Latin word for "Profit". Our organization's mission is to improve the efficiency, cost effectiveness, and profitability of our clients.

Profectus, n. [Latin. advance, progress, profit].

1. The residual value gained from business operations..

2. Acquisition beyond expenditure; excess of value received for producing, keeping, or selling, over cost; hence pecuniary gain in any transaction or occupation; as, a profit on the sale of goods..

3. Accession of good; valuable results; useful consequences; to be of service or advantage; benefit; avail; gain..

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Business management consultants specializing in the printing & packaging industry since 1993.
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