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Business Consulting Services
labels Profectus provides products and consulting solutions designed to help Wide Format printing organizations increase sales, grow the business, and improve overall financial performance.

Over 30 years of firsthand exposure to hundreds of printing and packaging organizations and situations gives us the insight to quickly see into a situation and produce solutions for even the most challenging situations.

Profectus has helped hundreds of printing and packaging organizations improve all areas of the business including:

  - Business assessments
  - Process improvements
  - Estimating and Pricing Practices
  - Order Entry and Customer Service Practices
  - Cost Accounting & Shop Data Collection Practices
  - Billing, Invoicing, & Accounts Receivables Practices
  - Purchasing, Inventory, & AP Practices Practices
  - ERP / Management Information Systems Consulting Services
  - Seminars & speaking engagements
  - Litigation support

Budgeted hourly rates & cost analysis software.

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Financial ratios & analysis software.

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