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Built-in Printing & Packaging Industry "Blue Book" budgeted hourly rates and costs study

CostRatesAdvisor contains Industry "Blue Book" studies data for over 5,000 budgeted hourly rates and costs for equipment and services. Includes a breakdown of labor costs, factory, SG&A overhead costs, billable hours, and more.
  • Prepress, design, proofing, and platemaking.
  • Sheetfed and web offset presses.
  • Digital cut sheet and roll production and injet presses.
  • Large format printing and finishing equipment.
  • Flexographic presses, rewinders, and shrink sleeve equipment.
  • Die cutting, stripping, and folder glueing equipment.
  • Apparel & embroidery equipment and services.
  • Laminating and coating applicator equipment.
  • Finishing, binding, mailing equipment and services.
  • Handwork, assembly, kitting, and fulfillment services.
  • and many more.
Printing Industry Blue Book Study
Benchmark your BHRs
against other companies.
Compare your labor, factory, and overhead BHRs and costs to thousands of costs rates from other companies with similar equipment.
  • Compares your labor, factory, and overhead to thousands of costs rates from other companies.
  • Compares individual equipment cost centers and services.
  • Or compare your entire plant to companies with similar equipment.
  • Find out if your costs and rates are higher or lower than the competition and industry!

Compare your costs and rates

Compare your costs and rates
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