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Calculate rates for any equipment or service
Calculate budgeted hourly rates for any printing and packaging equipment or service.
Gain insight into your true costs
Get a detailed breakdown of every cost component that composes your hourly rates.
Works with any estimating software
Provides budgeted hourly rates (BHRs) required by any estimating & costing MIS/ERP software.
Fast and easy
No accounting knowledge needed. Update your budgeted hourly rates in just minutes!
Benchmark against other companies
Benchmark your labor, factory, and overhead costs and BHRs against other companies.
Increase Good Sales, Eliminate Bad Sales
Win more orders with higher profit and contribution margins.
Built-in industry "Blue Book" rates study
Includes cost and rates studies for thousands of equipment and services for comparisons.
Import your data
Effortlessly importing your spreadsheets, income statements, budgets, and other data.
Find the best pricing strategy
Create various cost and material markups and pricing strategies using your budget.
Project your profitability
Create income statement based on your budget with projected profit margins and ratios.
Create multiple sets of rates
Manage rates and costs for multiple companies, divisions, locations, or what-if scenerios.
Track changes in costs and rates
See how your rates and costs have changed over time and why.
Satisfaction guarantee or your money back!
If you're not happy within the first 30 days, for any reason, we'll refund all of your money.
FREE expert consulting support
You receive support from a real live Profectus industry business consultant, for any reason.
Makes Spreadsheets Obsolete
Cost Rates Advisor is considerably easier, faster, and more reliable than spreadsheets.
Secure, Protected, and Confidential
Profectus employs strict security policies to your account and data.
Works anywhere you do 24/7/365
Cost Rates Advisor runs in the cloud. Use it anywhere with a browser and internet.
Frequently Asked Questions
The answers to common questions about budgeted hourly rates and Cost Rates Advisor.
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Say goodbye to outdated rates, estimates, price markups, and costing reports!

Easy to update and maintain your rates
Update your estimating rates in minutes!

Thanks to the innovative design, embedded formulas, import abilities, online help, and free 1:1 expert consulting support. With just a few clicks watch as your budgeted hourly cost are automatically updated!
  • No accounting or budgeted hourly rates knowledge needed.
  • Effortlessly import or enter your income statements, budgets, payroll, equipment, spreadsheets, and other accounting data.
  • The embedded industry best practices formulas automatically verify and appropriately allocate your data.
  • A Quick Start Guide and Setup Wizard step you through the process of preparing your budgeted hourly rates.
  • Includes live support from a Profectus industry business consultant for any reason including help with setting up and managing your rates, reviews of your data, advice on best practices.
  • Get instant help from comprehensive on-line help with over searchable 200 topics,examples, diagrams, best practices, & more.
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Easy to update and maintain your rates

"By leveraging rates that reflect your current financials, you'll generate more accurate estimates, make informed pricing decisions, and win more "Good Sales" with optimal profit margins."
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