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How CostRatesAdvisor Works
In just 3 easy steps, Cost Rates Advisor will determine the minimum cost rate you must charge for production equipment and services in order to break-even and recover your out-of-pocket costs.
Step 1

Enter or import your data

Enter or import your expenses, employees, assets, equipment list, payroll information, and other cost items into the user-friendly screens.

Our Data Import Wizard saves hours of manual entries by importing your income statements, annual budgets, employee payroll, fixed assets, and other data.

Import data from spreadsheets or software products such as QuickBooks, ePace, Enterprise 32, Avanti, Monarch, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage Accounting, ADP, Paychex, and other software.
Step 1
Step 1 Step 1
Step 2

Allocate expenses to the responsible area

Select how you would like to allocate your expenses using numerous built-in industry best practice formulas. Expenses can be allocated to SG&A overhead, General Factory Overhead, based on the area occupied by equipment, shared by a department, directly to equipment, and several other ways.

Employees that work in multiple departments or machines can have their hours and expenses split between multiple cost centers, departments, factory overhead, SG&A overhead, or any combination.
Step 2 Step 2
Step 3

Use your costs & rates to make business and pricing decisions.

Cost Rates Advisor will calculate the out-of-pocket costs and budgeted hourly rates for your equipment or service so you know how much to charge to recover costs and make a profit.

It gives you the rates needed by your MIS/ERP software for estimating, pricing, and tracking job costs such as Enterprise 32, Avanti, ePace, Monarch, Tharstern, Accura, Printreach, Radius, Microsoft Dynamics, and other software.

Rates can be computed for prepress, mailing, sheetfed presses, web presses, large format, flexographic, ink-jet, copiers, rewinders, cutters, folders, gluers, binders, handwork, kitting, warehousing, and more.

Benchmark your labor, factory, and overhead costs and budgeted hourly rates to hundreds of other companies and industry studies. Find out if and where your costs are higher or lower than the competition and industry?
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