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Calculate budgeted hourly rates (BHRs) for any printing and packaging estimating and costing MIS software



Cost Rates Advisor provides a detail breakdown of your budgeted hourly rates including a fixed costs hourly rate, variable costs hourly rate, factory labor hourly rate, selling, general & administration costs (SG&A) hourly rate, and all-inclusive cost (AIC) hourly rate. This provides the detail necessary to work with any printing or packaging estimating or costing MIS software including:


Accura MIS

Avanti Slingshot

Enterprise Print Management Solutions (EPMS)

ePS EFI Monarch

ePS EFI Pace

ePS EFI PrintSmith Vision

ePS EFI Radius

PressWise SmartSoft

Printreach Midnight

Printreach Printer's Plan

Printers Software Inc


Programmed Solutions (PSI)

Tharstern Print MIS

And more...


Learn how to calculate the cost of your equipment.

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