Memorial Day Sale!  Save up to $300.
Memorial Day Sale!  Save up to $300.
Discover your "True" costs.
Cost Rates Advisor has intricate algorithms that analyze your financial and production information and calculates the annual out-of-pocket cost and budgeted hourly rates of your equipment and services. It gives you a comprehensive breakdown of your costs components including your fixed factory costs, variable factory costs, labor costs, overhead costs, and other cost elements.
  • Cost Rates Advisor takes all costs into consideration including:
  • fixed factory costs
  • variable factory costs
  • selling, general & administrative (SG&A) costs
  • assets depreciation costs
  • employee wages, benefits, and taxes
  • Employees can have their hours, wages, and expenses split between departments or machines.
  • All-inclusive rates represent your true out-of-pocket break-even costs.
  • Rates are represented several ways so they can easily be implemented into any estimating, pricing, and costing software.
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